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Banff National Park

Located in the heart of Banff, the Cascades of Time Gardens feature a series of tiered floral beds with over 50,000 flowers. They share nearly five hectares of land with the historic Administration Building in Banff National Park. Historic stone pathways take you past colourful beds of blooms (June to September) and rustic pavilions, bridges and ponds. A perfect place for a family picnic! Admission is free with your national park entry fee, which is free for Canada's 150 in 2017.

Integral to the historic design of the Cascades of Time Gardens is the geological sequence of “cascading” ponds and water courses after which the site is named. A portion of the grounds is being redeveloped to bring water back to the cascading pools. Working with qualified conservation architects, Parks Canada has recently completed repairs to the Middle Devonian and Lower Cambrian pools and their smaller feeder pools. Work continues this summer to restore the Upper Cretaceous pool and the reflecting pool in front of the Administration Building. Parks Canada’s dedicated staff maintain the gardens’ abundant flora and unique landscape features, which will continue to provide visitors with a rich tapestry of colours in one of Banff National Park’s favourite attractions.

Repairs are also being made this summer to the Administration Building’s ring road and parking lot, which may limit access until early fall. Parks Canada will be re-opening the fully rehabilitated grounds in Spring 2017.


Old stone alleys lined with clumps of colorful flowers

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Historic stone pathways with colourful flower beds in the Cascade Gardens.  

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